iPhone 11 goes Pro with photography

One photographer, two days and Apple’s three-camera iPhone in San Francisco. The bottom line: If you love taking photos, you’ll treasure the iPhone 11 Pro.

About time to, iphones have been way behind on the camera department for many years, I found I could no longer justify the expensive of them and switched to Hawaii.

Right away, a telling change I noticed in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro from previous models is the rebuilding of the camera user experience. The ease of use in the interaction between the photographer and the camera is beginning to feel more like a “real” camera interface and not just an app on a phone that you use to take photos. Throw in the SF Camera font and three lenses covering a range of perspectives and you really do have a device worthy of the Apple “Pro” moniker.

Click below for the full article, I am still not convinced.


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